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What We Do

Everything is catered to you.

We create curated packages according to each of our clients needs, please find below how we can help. If you'd like to know how we can help you specifically, feel free to contact us.

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Digital Marketing

Strategy consultation, curation and execution focused on your goals.

Marketing strategy focused on an analysis of your business

Marketing execution, planning, creating and scheduling content

Covers: email marketing, Instagram paid & unpaid, Facebook paid & unpaid, blog posts, collaborations, influencer marketing

Website Management

Catered to ease your customers lives.

Website analysis and recommendations for website upgrades

Website maintenance and editing

Work closely with developers and ease developer burden

Website admin and integrations

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Sales & B2B Outreach

To help make sure you are seen by your target consumers.

Negotiate collaborations with Business or Influencers

Examples: Joint Instagram lives, joint giveaways, Instagram collaborations, joint blog posts

Newsletter promotions

Pop-Up Events

Retailer outreach to negotiate being stocked with your products

Sales Analysis & Tracking

To streamline your processes and give you peace of mind.

Analysing sales data and presenting it in a visual and easy to understand way

creating documents to track retail sales from different outlets with tabs for weekly product ranking and other KPI's highlighted

Financial Report


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